Step 1: Restricted Party Screenings (RPS) and Embargoed Countries checks

The University of Pittsburgh requires that the Pitt Research Community ensures that campus visitors are not listed on one of the Federal Restricted Parties Lists. For this purpose, the Office of Export Controls Services recommends that Departments/Schools perform Restricted Party Screenings (RPS) on ALL Visitors (regardless of their citizenships and permanent resident statuses) it will host, as well as the Visitors' affiliated institutions.
For more information on how to perform a RPS, please read the "Steps for performing a Restricted Party Screening" guidance document. Page 3 provides important tips and recommendations, such as:
- Two separate RPS should be conducted: one on the individual's name, and another one on the institution's name;
- When conducting RPS, do not enter the geographical location (city/state/country) since the location of the Court that rendered the decision is often times different from the visitor's current home or business address;
RPS Results: save (in PDF format) or print the search results page for your records.
  1. If there is no exact match, i.e. a "no matching records found" is obtained, your transaction can proceed without contacting the Office of Export Controls Services.
  2. If there is an exact match, please send an email to the Office of Export Controls Services (OEC) - please attach the RPS page to your email and provide us as much information as possible about the party, i.e. copy of passport, resume, etc.. Until the OEC has cleared the Visitor, you should not transfer, transact or host the party.
Note: Contact the OEC prior to inviting/hosting individuals from embargoed countries (Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria).

Step 2: Export Controls Review 

For Visitors participating/collaborating in Pitt Research, please contact the OEC to review any issue that may arise. To facilitate that review, please complete the Visitor - E.C. review form and send it to the OEC via email. The OEC will review the Visit and provide its clearance and/or recommendations by email within 5 business days.
Note: Please keep in mind that NO export-controlled items, technical data and software can be disclosed or provided to Visitors.
The University of Pittsburgh also encourages the Pitt community to read the following brochures:

Step 3: Agreement

Completion of a Visitor agreement may be required depending on the purpose of the Visit. For more information, please contact the University Visitor Liaison, Mr. Chuck Lyon.