The University of Pittsburgh community (Faculty and Staff) is required to comply with the United States export regulations when traveling abroad. Contact the Office of Trade Compliance (OTC) to obtain the required authorizations and documentation prior to your trip. You should take copies of that documentation with you when you travel, in case U.S. Customs officials request it. The Federal regulations require that you keep records of your export documentation for five years after the license is expired or, in the case of a license exemption, for five years after the travel is completed.
To contact the Export Controls team regarding your international travel, please complete the Travel - export controls review form and send it to the OTC via email.
Please remember to advise the OTC in a timely manner of any changes that occur to your travel arrangement  in order to ensure adequate processing time and correct recordkeeping.
When determining whether an export authorization is required, please review your travel by following these steps: