Who you are working with and why are they collaborating with you?

When attending a meeting/conference/tradeshow for University business, the Pitt community must ensure that the data they release is publicly available. The release of export-restricted technologies or information, without prior authorization or in violation of the terms of a license, is an export violation and exposes you to severe penalties.
N.B.: You are free to share information resulting from Fundamental Research that was conducted in the U.S., at an accredited institution of higher learning. However, you are not allowed to share any items generated under the Fundamental Research or any non-publicly available information or software. In addition, you are not allowed to conduct Fundamental Research abroad, i.e. the Fundamental Research exemption does not apply to a laboratory or field research site in other countries.
In addition, the Pitt Community must ensure that they are not interacting with or providing financial assistance to a sanctioned or specially designated entity, such as persons or entities appearing on the OFAC's Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons List, or on the BIS's Denied Person List or the Entity List. Therefore, it is recommended to know in advance with whom you will be communicating and collaborating, so you can perform a complete Restricted Party Screening (RPS) of those persons and entities.